Talent...yes, and the knowledge and ability to select the proper framing materials for your particular project. This means helping you choose the right colours, the right frame style, and most importantly, the right materials to protect your art, photo or memorabilia. There’s the mat board, the frame, backing board and mounting materials to consider. And of course, the glass. And glass is glass, right? Wrong. All glass is not created equal. In order to preserve, protect and get the most out of your artwork, you have some choices to make. And with a little knowledge, those choices will be very easy.
Yes, at Adina we can frame just about anything you want including: photos, paintings, drawings, sketches, fabric and needlework, objects, sports memorabilia, jerseys, collectibles, records, trophies, medals, mirrors and more.
Heat and moisture can work together to cause damage to your artwork. A combination of heat and a high relative humidity create a perfect environment for mould to grow inside your home. High temperatures in a dry environment can cause the paper to dry excessively and become brittle. A list of precautions for your art:
• Use UV-blocking conservation quality glass.
• Hang your artwork away from direct sunlight.
• Don’t light your artwork with fluorescent lights.
• Use conservation quality mat board that has an alkaline buffer against acidity.

Mass-produced frames can provide a quick solution at a lower initial cost. But unfortunately they offer little protection against two things that are most destructive to the objects placed in them – ultra-violet light and lignin based acids. In fact, the mats and glass used to make factory ready-made affordable often accelerate degradation. Tape damage, effects from condensation, glass adhesion, and cockling are also common when factory-made frames are used for extended periods. The use of a ready-made frame should be considered a temporary framing solution until the artwork, photograph, or document can be properly mounted and framed. In the long run it may be more expensive to restore an item framed in a ready-made frame and, if it is left in this type of frame for too long the object may not be recoverable.