Custom Archival Framing

Our solid wood frames and custom cut moldings are imported from reputable designers such as Roma, Fotiou and Larson-Juhl. Roma’s unique copyright designs, hand-made in Italy, have earned them a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship. Their designs range from simple contemporary profiles to highly artistic and ornate. Our large selection of metal frames offers a wide range of contemporary profiles and colors.

    "With an individual approach when it comes to finding the perfect frame for any photograph, print, or painting, this business takes their time to explore framing options to give the finished product the perfect look. Highly recommended!" - Luis

    "I had no idea what sort of frame I wanted. She immediately picked the most perfect frame that brought out the colours in the artwork. I highly recommend this place!" -Nancy

    "She came up with elegant, archival and inexpensive solutions. The framed prints came back looking like that were worth a million. I trust the care the staff puts into handling artwork and the expertise they provide about how I should care for it." -Juli


We use 100% cotton rag matboard. These unbuffered and acid-free materials are the highest quality used for the archival preservation of artworks. Naturally occurring acids contained in non-acid-free mats eat away at the cellulose in paper and other materials, causing premature aging, discolouration, and damage to the artwork. We want your work to last! A wide selection of mats is available in silk, suede, fabric, solid colour core, and black/grey/white core of all colours.

We use archival materials and methods for mounting all types of artworks.

To add further protection and higher clarity for your piece, we offer: Museum Glass (99% UV protection); Art Glass (75% UV protection); Reflection Control; Regular and UV protection Plexiglass; or regular glass.